Public Relations between classical PR and contemporary Online PR



Normally, good public relations provide a much higher level of awareness of a company, service or brand. At the latest when a new company, a new service or a new product has been established or been put on the market or if they should be made ​​known, the contact with a PR agency is appropriate since its staff knows exactly with what methods of public relations the image and awareness can be increased.

PR agencies are not only specialized in drawing attention to a company, but also ensure an appropriate perception in the press at the same time. A good PR agency is not only capable of writing a professional press release that includes all the details of the new product, the new service or the company, but also presents this press release in an interesting and curiosity arousing manner.

In today’s media landscape, this includes extensive knowledge of Online PR and traditional public relations work, as well as a solid journalistic training, IT and SEO knowledge and beyond that the desire and passion for exchanging with other people, especially in the areas of Social MediaBlog and Forum work plus an open communication on all channels and with all the possibilities that are available since the beginning of Web 2.0.

In general, public relations work is considered to be the reputable source in comparison to advertising. While a paid advertisement in a magazine or on the Internet tends to ray out less confidence on the consumer’s part, newspaper articles and posts in the popular online media (which may have arisen via a press release) ray out a more neutral look and appear more credible on the reader. Thus, the introduction of a company in an editorial product will bring the customer more public awareness as an obvious ad. In addition, the services offered by a PR agency are usually significantly cheaper than those offered by an advertising agency.

The transfer of the public relations work to an experienced PR agency ensures that the public relations work for a company is handled professionally in any case. In addition, the likelihood increases that the desired result shows up in the form of a higher level of awareness, an increased visitor number and a higher turnover. However, to achieve this result it is necessary to work continuously on your clearly defined goals to reach the right target groups. Strategically executed public relations work offers the opportunity to open channels of communication between relevant target groups and businesses to a high extent.

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